Secondary Drop Down Day

The BBC Asian Network ran a live panel discussion on careers within the industry.  Over one hundred and twenty students from Year 10 and Year 9 watched the discussion and had an opportunity to ask questions. The panel included producers, presenters and famous artists.

Sixty four pupils from Year 10 visited Birmingham University. They learnt about the importance of qualifications, went on a tour of the university and asked questions to a panel of student ambassadors. Form tutors delivered high quality sessions on relationships, British Values, resilience and online safety. Accountants, nurses and engineers delivered a series of workshops to Year 9s. 

The senior leadership team led an ‘aspirational’ workshop with Year 9s.  Each SLT member shared their own story of why it is important to build on our knowledge of the wider world. External agencies such as Tapestry and Since 9/11 came into our school and held workshops with our pupils on preventing extremism.