Please click here to read our approach to reading in our Primary phase: Approach to Reading Primary.pdf



In the Secondary phase, we aim to ensure that all students read at or above their chronological age. 

Reading ages 

At the beginning of the academic year, we use the NGRT (New Group Reading Test) to determine students’ reading age. This information is shared with students and is recorded in their planner, so that they can share with parents and track their reading journey. It is also shared with teachers so that they know how to support students with the reading skills. 

Accelerated Reader 

Our students use their reading age to select a text that falls into their ‘Zone of Proximal Development’. This means that students read books that are at an appropriate level of challenge to ensure they make progress with their comprehension of vocabulary. Accelerated Reader is supported with quizzes and an online platform that records how many words a student has read. Will you be one of our first one million word readers? 

Library lessons 

Each class in Key Stage 3 has a dedicated weekly library lesson, in our brand-new library space which opened in September 2021. These lessons provide an opportunity for students to read with a teacher, listen to the teacher and class read aloud, exchange their library books and complete quizzes on Accelerated Reader.  

Reading interventions 

We have a range of Reading interventions, which support students with decoding, fluency and vocabulary acquisition. Reading interventions take place in small groups and are reviewed regularly to track reading progress of students. 

Shared Reading 

Each form room in Ark Victoria is supplied with a set of reading books that form teachers and pupils can share together. Books are age appropriate and cover a wide range of topics, contexts and histories to support children in developing their cultural capital. 


Reading is rewarded at Ark Victoria not only with progress and knowledge but with opportunities to win cherished prizes. Autumn 2021 will see the introduction of a Book Vending Machine to our library. Pupils who have excelled in their efforts to read will be rewarded with a token that can be exchanged at the vending machine for a book of their choice. 

Book Corners 

Each form tutor at Ark Victoria has a special box or trolley in their classroom that is filled with excellent options for reading. Form tutors have decorated their corners to ensure reading is a joyful experience. Students can use this resource to delve into and discover a new favourite author and discuss what they have read with each other. 


At Ark Victoria Academy, all our pupils develop a passion for reading.

Please use the below link to share in the wonderful reading work of our pupils and to hear all the latest reading news from our academy!  

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