At Ark Victoria, we use the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme which was developed by Ruth Miskin. We begin the programme in Reception and continue teaching RWI to children beyond Key Stage One if they still need support in their reading.

This approach:

  • Gets children decoding and comprehending quickly.
  • Ensures children read storybooks and non-fiction books matched to their growing phonic knowledge.
  • Assesses regularly to track every child’s progress.
  • Ensures that every child participates in the whole lesson- as a group and then during paired reading time.
  • Ensures pupils learn to decode effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into comprehending what they read.

Our Reading Curriculum

Every year group at Ark Victoria has dedicated time in their timetable for the teaching of reading. This looks different dependent on the age of the child - from structured story time in Reception, to the use of reading toolkits to learn key skills in Key Stage Two.

Pupils are encouraged by teachers to practice their reading at school and at home. Pupils are given a home reader that matches their reading age and have space in their reading log to fill in about their current book. There is also space for communication about home reading between teacher, parent and pupil.

Reading for Pleasure

At Ark Victoria we believe that children’s reading for pleasure is strongly influenced by relationships, including those between children and families and those between children, teachers, families and communities of readers. We know that it is important to value different text types and to understand who our pupils are as readers.

Reading Areas

Every classroom has an inviting reading area along with ‘Reading for Pleasure’ displays featuring specific authors and book recommendations. Reading areas have been created throughout school to promote independent reading for pleasure. We believe it is important for these areas to be well organised and used by pupils regularly.


We are lucky to have a fabulous library filled with books and quiet spaces for study. We also have a dedicated librarian to help pupils choose the right book. The library is the perfect spot for a special story time or even an author visit!

Recommended Reads

Each teacher at Ark Victoria has a special box or shelf in their classroom that is filled with their recommended reads. We ensure that teachers are up to date with the latest releases and that books are representative and diverse. These books are shared with classes to ensure that pupils become excited about reading and books.

Word Book Day

Every year at Ark Victoria we celebrate our love of reading by dressing up for World Book Day. We have a great day filled with activities and prizes.




Guided Reading

Each form and year group have a set of age-appropriate guided reading books. Pupils have an opportunity to engage with a diverse range of texts which increase pupils’ understanding of different cultures, experiences and the wider world. Working through these texts together inspires rich discussion with their peers and teacher, as well as giving pupils additional opportunities to practise and improve their reading.


In secondary phase, we have competitions for our avid readers. Our latest competition winners have been granted access to Indian-American fantasy author Davis Ashura’s latest release A Testament of Steel. The pupils involved will have the opportunity to interview the author and share their thoughts in an online session beamed straight from North Carolina!

Book Corners

Each form tutor at Ark Victoria has a special box or trolley in their classroom that is filled with excellent options for reading. Form tutors have decorated their corners to ensure reading is a joyful experience. Pupils can use this resource to delve into and discover a new favourite author and discuss what they have read with each other.

Accelerated Reader

Watch this space as we plan to reintroduce Accelerated Reader to Ark Victoria Secondary. Our pupils will use their reading age data to select a text that falls into their ‘Zone of Proximal Development’. This means that pupils will read books that are at an appropriate level of challenge to ensure they make progress with their comprehension of vocabulary. Accelerated Reader is supported with quizzes and an online platform that records how many words a pupil has read. Will you be one of our first one million word readers?