Please read our Code of Conduct: Ark Victoria Pupil Code of Conduct.pdf

I will strive to ensure that Ark Victoria is a great academy for everyone by:

I will strive to achieve my academic potential by:

Wear my full School unform with pride  Being Punctual: arriving to School on time and to my lessons in the the right frame of mind to work hard and make progress
Following staff instructions, remembering that the adult is in charge Being organised: ensuring that I am equipped for learning
Going quickly, safely and directly from one lesson to the next, not running and keeping to the left hand side of the corridor Being calm: speaking clearly and listening to others carefully
Ensuring that the academy remains calm and friendly by using the normal conversation tone around the building Being respectful: being supportive and considerate to other pupils and adults at all times
Enthusiastically celebrating the success of others and accepting rewards confidently and with pride Being resilient: showing tenacity by trying my hardest, even when I find things difficult
Taking pride in the environment by helping to keep the academy clean and tidy Contributing- making contributions to class discussions that can be heard by everyone else “No Excuses”
Create a safe environment; ensuring that I do not bring prohibited items to school and immediately reporting any prohibited items that I am aware of Being independent: completing my work on time and to the best of my ability
Switching my mobile phone off whilst I am in school and ensuring that it is put safely away  
Being a great ambassador for Ark Victoria both in and out of the academy