While on the school site I will ensure that I follow the rules and expectations below:

I will model the school’s values of being ambitious, resilient and kind
I will always follow staff instructions, remembering that the adult is in charge
I will ensure that I am focused and attentive in all lessons and meetings with my teachers
I will complete all work set to the best of my ability
I will follow the routes set out on my map to my lessons and follow the system in place 
I will only go to the toilets which have been designated to my group
I will ensure I stay in the area designated to my group at break and lunchtimes
I will ensure I arrive to school at the time allocated to minimise interaction with other students 
I will demonstrate good manners, patience and respect others. This includes listening, not talking when others are talking and being kind in what I say

I am aware that if I breach the guidelines above, the steps below will be used:

The class teacher will use on-call to contact a member of SLT to remove the student
The student will be asked to work in the isolation room or will be sent home for the rest of the day or more
The class teacher will follow up with a phone call home to explain the issue and the expectations
The class teacher will explain that the student can come back to school providing that there are no further breaches of the code of conduct. NB Further breaches could result in a student being Suspended from school
If a student re-offends, the on-call procedure will be used, and parents will be notified of the next steps