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Earth Day 

Ark Victoria Academy held its first Earth Day on Friday 11th June. A day in which students and staff learnt more about the global environmental challenges we face and the solutions that have arisen as a result. 
The day began with a whole school virtual assembly on Zoom where a panel of university academics and local community environmental and litter pick groups spoke to our students about their work. The focus of the discussion was on plastic litter and how this has a negative impact on the ecosystem. Students participated in a Q and A session which further deepened their knowledge and understanding of the issues that were raised. This assembly allowed our students to appreciate the hard work that is happening both at global and local scales in addressing these environmental problems and what we as individuals can do to help.
Later in the day, students had the opportunity to write persuasive letters to either Ms McSorley, Mrs Twort or our local MP - Jess Phillips - highlighting the environmental issues they want to be tackled at school and in our local community. Our Art specialists in Primary and Secondary worked hard to plan exciting art projects that students completed in class around the theme of Sustainability, recycling old plastic bottles and other rubbish to make pieces of Art.
A highlight of the day was the litter pick. Over 170 students from Years 5, 6 and 8 went out into the local community armed with litter pickers and bin bags. Students from Nursery and Reception also did their but by litter picking in the school grounds. All students and staff involved thoroughly enjoyed this experience and felt a great sense of achievement and pride in being able to help the community.
We would like to thank all those who were involved in organising this event and we invite you to look at pictures taken from this event.



Ark Victoria Litter pick

On the morning of Saturday 20th March, students, parents and members of staff from Ark Victoria along with our fellow community members from Holy Family School, Friends of Small Heath Park and West Midlands Police took part in our first joint community litter pick. The event was a great success as it allowed our community to come together and help clean up our streets. All those who took part thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we aim to make this a regular event to allow even more of our students and families take part. Our local MP, Jess Phillips, also joined and even tweeted about us! Please take a look at some of the pictures that were taken during this event. We would like to thank all of our students, parents and staff for volunteering their time in serving our community.