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New household account feature for parents reporting test results

NHS Test and Trace are continuing to develop and improve the process for self-test reporting. Currently, if a parent is submitting results through their account on behalf of a child, they have to enter the child’s details every time they report a result. As a result of feedback from parents, NHS Test and Trace have introduced household accounts. This allows parents to save their children’s details to their own user accounts so parents can report results for multiple members in the household more quickly and easily. When reporting self-test results parents will now be offered the opportunity to create a household account, which should take no more than 2 minutes. Parents can then add all household members to their account, enabling them to save time when reporting all future self-test results.

Letter to parents from the Director of Public Health

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Letter to parents from the Secretary of State for Education

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(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions: what you can and cannot do

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Guidance regarding reporting Covid-19 test results

Government Guidance for Parents/Carers

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Working together to keep our school community safe

Please do not send your children to school if anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days or is showing symptoms of Covid-19 and awaiting a test/result. Please inform the school immediately so the attendance records can be updated.

Testing of family members: Adults without symptoms who want to access rapid Covid-19 testing at home who are in a household with school-age children (including childcare and support bubbles) can collect test kits from their local authority AST or can order them online.

COVID-19 News 24 March: Test & Trace Support Payments

Reproduced from DfE email to schools on 22 March:

Parents and carers of children who have been advised to self-isolate by their education setting or by NHS Test and Trace are now able to apply for a Test and Trace Support Payment or discretionary payment of £500, if they meet the eligibility criteria. The extension of the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme, which is administered by district and unitary local authorities in England, ensures that parents receive the financial support they need if they are unable to attend work due to childcare responsibilities.

Parents and carers should apply to their local authority to receive a payment. Applications for the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme are made via the local authority in which the parent or carer resides, not the local authority where the setting is situated, if these are different. 

To be eligible applicants must meet all of the criteria that:

  • they are the parent or guardian of a child or young person in the same household and need to take time off work to care for them while they self-isolate. This is limited to one parent or guardian per household for the child or young person’s self-isolation period
  • they are employed or self-employed
  • they cannot work from home while undertaking caring responsibilities and will lose income as a result
  • they meet all the other means-tested eligibility criteria for a Test and Trace Support Payment or locally determined criteria for a discretionary payment

That their child or young person:

  • is aged 15 or under (or 25 or under with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC)) and normally attends an education or childcare setting
  • has been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or by their education or childcare setting because they have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nurseries, schools, colleges and further education providers are required to provide a letter to all parents or carers of the children advised to self-isolate, to support their application to the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme. A template letter is available for early years and primary schools on the primary schools document sharing platform titled with the code RP81. A template letter is available for secondary schools and further education providers on the secondary schools and colleges document sharing platform titled with the code RP83. The letter must detail the child’s name and date of self-isolation. Parents or carers will then be able to provide this letter to their local authority as evidence that their child is required to self-isolate.

Once an application for a payment has been received, the local authority will be in touch with your setting to verify the details of the child provided on the application. This will include a check of the child’s name, age, address and days of self-isolation. This check is to minimise the event of fraudulent claims. It may be conducted before or after a payment is made, depending on the arrangements the individual local authority has chosen to put in place. The letter you give to parents and carers should explain to them that their local authority will conduct a check with their child’s setting if they apply for a payment.

Remote Learning Strategy and Policies - Please click here for more information 

We want to support your child with their remote learning during their absence from school to ensure they can continue to access the curriculum whilst at home. This plan is dependent on your child being well enough to complete this work and we recognise that individual home circumstances vary.
Please do keep us informed of any issues with completing work by contacting your child’s head of year in the first instance. If your child is having an issue with technology, please email Mr. Brom (

Face coverings in education


Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


Ark Victoria Academy Tier 1 - 4 Plan

The government has set out guidance for schools to follow a tier system to help keep our schools and local communities safe and reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. These tiers are different from the 3 levels of national alert: medium alert, high alert and very high alert. Currently, October 2020, Birmingham is in a high national alert category and in Tier 1 for schools. AVA Tiered Planning October 2020.pdf


Dear parents 

Please note that if you are contacted by Track and Trace to request that your children need to self isolate, as contacts of a positive case, you will need to inform school immediately. Please also inform school immediately if you are asked by any other organisation (such as your local mosque) to self isolate your children if they have been identified as close contacts. 

It is vital that you keep the school informed so we can all do our best to manage transmission rates of Covid 19.

Please Contact us by using the below: 

School phone number: 0121 393 4459

School Email: 


All updated Covid-19 information can be found below: 

What is coronavirus and what are the symptoms?

Who is most likely to get coronavirus?

What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus?

What can you do to protect yourself from coronavirus?

Test and Trace

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Letters to parents

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How to follow Self Isolation rules