Please read our latest letter here regarding School Closure: 040121 school closure letter.pdf

Government Guidance for Parents/Carers - please click here

Reminder for parents 

A kindly reminder that if any member of your family has Covid symptoms the whole household must isolate whilst the symptomatic person gets tested and awaits the result. Should your child develop symptoms, they should be kept at home until they have been tested and receive a negative result. Unfortunately, we have had a couple of incidences where this guidance has not been followed and this has resulted in a larger number of students being required to self-isolate: something we are keen to avoid as this has a negative impact on students’ education and family care arrangements. If you child is at home due to Covid, please make sure we know the reasons as these absences are coded differently and are exempt from our usual low attendance processes.

Remote Learning Strategy and Policies - Please click here for more information 

We want to support your child with their remote learning during their absence from school to ensure they can continue to access the curriculum whilst at home. This plan is dependent on your child being well enough to complete this work and we recognise that individual home circumstances vary.
Please do keep us informed of any issues with completing work by contacting your child’s head of year in the first instance. If your child is having an issue with technology, please email Mr. Brom (

Face coverings in education


Local restriction tiers: what you need to know


Full list of local restriction tiers by area


Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make your own


New campaign to prevent spread of coronavirus indoors this winter


What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the Autumn term


Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


Ark Victoria Academy Tier 1 - 4 Plan

The government has set out guidance for schools to follow a tier system to help keep our schools and local communities safe and reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. These tiers are different from the 3 levels of national alert: medium alert, high alert and very high alert. Currently, October 2020, Birmingham is in a high national alert category and in Tier 1 for schools. AVA Tiered Planning October 2020.pdf

School Communication with Parents/Carers

Please read our latest letters below: 

Y7 letter 6th January.pdf

Y8 letter 6th January.pdf

Y9 letter 6th January.pdf

Y10 letter 6th January.pdf

Dear parents/carers  
School will be open as usual to all our pupils, despite the Tier 4 bubble. Students will begin returning to School on the following dates, 7th January 2021 for Primary Students, 11th January 2021 for Year 11 Students and 18th January 2021 for Years 7, 8, 9 & 10. We know that school is the best place for pupils to continue their learning and development and we can assure you that our classrooms are full of happy, diligent and enthusiastic learners. One new request from us is that all parents are to wear face coverings within the school premises. Please see the letter attached for further details.
Letter to parents 311220.pdf


Dear parents 

Please note that if you are contacted by Track and Trace to request that your children need to self isolate, as contacts of a positive case, you will need to inform school immediately. Please also inform school immediately if you are asked by any other organisation (such as your local mosque) to self isolate your children if they have been identified as close contacts. 

It is vital that you keep the school informed so we can all do our best to manage transmission rates of Covid 19.

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School phone number: 0121 393 4459

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All updated Covid-19 information can be found below: 

What is coronavirus and what are the symptoms?

Who is most likely to get coronavirus?

What to do if you have symptoms of coronavirus?

What can you do to protect yourself from coronavirus?

Test and Trace

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Emergency Food Assistance for Families

Please read the following letter for food assistance for families: Emergency Food Assistance.pdf


Letters to parents

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Self Isolation Guidance.pdf

How to follow Self Isolation rules