Welcome to the primary Phase of Ark Victoria Academy.

The primary phase begins in Nursery and continues into Reception where we take in 90 pupils each year.  We are incredibly proud of the start we give our pupils in Early Years, laying the foundations for the educational journey they will continue through to Year 11.

Our values of ambition, resilience and kindness underpin all the work that we do within our academy.  We have high expectations and expect our pupils to work hard in order to achieve their full potential.  Our academy is a calm environment where pupils behave well at all times. 

Our classrooms are purposeful learning environments where children debate, discuss and develop their ideas with confidence and respect. Reading is at the heart of our academy.  We know how important it is that pupils move into Year 7 able to read well. Our love of reading is visible throughout the school and in every classroom.  We dedicate time to high quality teaching of reading in every phase, listening to pupils read regularly and developing children’s passion for reading at every opportunity.

We pride ourselves on knowing every child in our care and our curriculum is planned, sequenced and delivered with our pupils at its heart. We dedicate time to ensuring pupils develop the core knowledge and skills they need in preparation for secondary school and enrich our learning with a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  

We understand the importance of working together with parents and have regular opportunities for parents to come into school. We regularly share ways to help children at home, celebrate the work they have been doing and share information about the progress our pupils are making.  We are always available (you will see us on duty every day before and after school!) so please do approach us with any questions you may have.

We feel privileged to be part of an all through academy, preparing our pupils for the secondary phase of their education which builds seamlessly on the work we do in primary. Staff in Year 6 work very closely with Year 7 staff to ensure a positive transition experience when children move into the next phase of their education with us.  We ensure that children’s individual needs are met, families are supported and our high expectations are maintained. We believe in each of our pupils and we are very proud when we hear of their success as they move into secondary school and beyond.

If you would be interested in visiting the primary site or would like to talk to a member of staff then please contact the school office on 0121 393 4459.

Mrs Twort
Primary Headteacher