FSM Vouchers update

Monday 21 March 2022

Dear parent/carer
You will be aware that Birmingham City Council have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic provided supermarket vouchers to parents of children who are entitled to free school meals to cover the school holidays. Birmingham City Council have used the government Household Support Fund to provide these vouchers. They have now announced that they will no longer be issuing these supermarket vouchers and families who need support for meals during school holidays should use the following link to access further information and support https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/hsf 
As this decision was shared with parents very late for February half term Ark Victoria made the decision to give parents of FSM students a small contribution in vouchers to cover the cost of meals during the half term holiday. However, Ark Victoria does not receive any funding for this and although we care very much for our families and their needs we are no longer able to offer supermarket vouchers to parents to cover school holidays. We will continue until further notice to issue vouchers for any students entitled to free school meals during term time if students are absent for COVID-19 related reasons