Making a difference for our communities

Monday 23 January 2023

As you know all too well, the current cost-of-living squeeze is causing significant challenges that are affecting more and more of our pupils and communities. There have been some outstanding projects at Ark schools to bring new approaches and support, from establishing hardship funds for those in the greatest need, to opening kitchens that serve free, hot meals to the whole community. A big shout out to Elvin, who even opened their doors on Christmas Day!

Local support and services

Ark has done a big mapping exercise to identify support networks and services in all the local authorities in which we work. This is designed to be a way to ‘join the dots’ for our schools and communities. Schools are already hubs for their local communities and often provide links with other services, but we know that identifying the range of services and support available can be incredibly challenging – and is constantly changing. This summary will hopefully shortcut research which your school might be considering anyway and provide helpful signposting to support those who need it. Schools and even some local authorities have already told us it’s very handy so we’ve published it on our website.