History Curriculum intent

Pupils leave Ark Victoria with a coherent, chronological understanding of changes and events that have shaped both British and world history.  They discus key concepts such as cause & consequence, similarity & difference change & continuity and historical significance with confidence, and can identify these ideas in the writing of historians. When studying past events, pupils are curious, and critically analyse connections, contrasts and trends over time to make sense of our world. They communicate using the academic language of historians, and they demonstrate disciplinary skills, such as analysing and evaluating historical sources to form their own opinions of the past and challenge the interpretations of others. Pupils at Ark Victoria develop a sense of their identity as local, national and global citizens through their study of history. They appreciate the complexity of people's lives, the process of change, and the diversity of societies, resulting in them becoming respectful world citizens. 

Our History Six Pillars

At Ark Victoria we have 6 curriculum pillars

Resilient readers: 

High quality teaching: 

Knowledge rich curriculum: 

High ambition: 

Diverse and inclusive: 

Strong Character: 

History Topic Map


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2




All about me

Living in Birmingham

The Seasons

Festivals– Gunpowder plot, Diwali, Christmas

Comparing UK and other countries

Chinese New Year, Valentines day, Pancake day, Easter – significance.











Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole



The Great Fire of London


Local History/Victorian Holidays


Pre-historic Britain

Ancient Egypt


Mansa Musa


Ancient Greece


Roman Britain


Anglo-Saxon England/Vikings


Henry VIII

The Industrial Revolution


Female Suffrage

Hidden Achievements




Britain in WW2

The Holocaust

The British Empire


Civil Rights Campaigns



World views in c1000

Contested power, contested land (C11th & C12th)

Empires and expansion and collapse (C13th)

Stability and instability (C14th & C15th)

Religious revolution and resistance in C16th

Silver and Gold in the C17th


British Empire and the slave trade

The French Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

19th Century political reforms

British Empire and India

Power to the People: Women’s Suffrage

Y8 - Aligned Curriculum

Emerging empires in c1600

The British Isles in the 17th Century

Expanding Empires

The Enlightenment and French Revolution

Industrial Revolution

19th Century political Reform


The Causes of the First World War

Russian Revolution 1917

Inter War years, the league of nations and the Rise of Hitler

Second World War & The Holocaust

Power to the people: Civil Rights Movement - US

Britain after WW2

Our Island Story: Windrush

Y9 - Aligned Curriculum

The first world war

Russian Revolution and interwar Europe

Second World War and the Holocaust


Campaign for Civil Rights

Post-war Britain


Weimar and Nazi Germany

Weimar and Nazi Germany

Weimar and Nazi Germany

Medicine & trenches

Medicine & trenches

Medicine & trenches


Anglo- Saxon & Norman England Anglo- Saxon & Norman England/Super Power relations and the Cold War Super Power relations and the Cold War Revision Revision/exams  


History Progression Narrative

Please read our History progression narrative here: Discipline Concept Narratives