Head of Year Welcome

Dear Year 5 parents/carers

As Head of Year 5, I feel extremely privileged to be part of such a wonderful team of teachers and students.   Ms Khan (5C), Ms Begum (5W), Mr Bevan (5C) and I are dedicated to ensuring the academic and social well-being of our students and each day, we are impressed by the hard-working and dedicated attitudes of the young learners we have in our classes.  It is such a pleasure to be greeted by such happy, polite and friendly children each morning.  

Naturally, much of our focus will be on preparing the children for their final year of primary school and ensuring they have the key literacy and numeracy skills required to be successful.  Reading continues to be a focus for our academy: increasing vocabulary, improving reading fluency and encouraging a love of reading for pleasure will, as always, be a priority for our students.  As such, we appreciate any support you can provide at home.   Listening to your child read aloud as often as possible and talking to them about what they’re reading will be of great benefit in ensuring we build a positive reading culture among our students.   

In mathematics this year, we will be building on the children’s prior learning in with extremely important units on, for example, fractions, decimals and percentages amongst others.  The children have missed a lot of in-class teaching over the past couple of years due to the pandemic, but we will be ensuring they are secure in their learning and ready for Year 6.  We would of course appreciate your support in helping the children with any home learning to help us with this goal of embedding these vital maths skills.  

Along with our focus on literacy and numeracy, we will also be enjoying a rich and varied wider curriculum this year.   Science lessons are always a source of inspiration and wonder for our students and they will certainly be fascinated with this year’s topics such as “space”, and in the experiments we have planned around “forces” and the “properties of materials”.   In humanities, we will be investigating historical biases around gender and race and in geography, studying both human and physical aspects with units on different forms of governance and around rivers and mountains.  It is always a pleasure to see just how curious our children are about the wider world and to discuss the range of questions they have! 

We have also planned enriching experiences for our students this year to support their learning and provide them with days that they will never forget! Trips to Birmingham’s Thinktank science museum, a visit from a mobile planetarium and, to support our “rivers” topic, a canoeing trip right here in Small Heath.  These experiences will live long in the memory of our children and we cannot wait to enjoy them alongside the students.   

I speak on behalf of the Year 5 team in saying that we are all extremely excited for the journey we will take with our students this year.   We are privileged to be able to help them learn, grow and prosper together and we will be dedicated to ensuring they make the fullest progress both socially and academically in this penultimate year of their primary school experience.  

Please use the following image to see our Year 5 Students and their work: 

Best Wishes, 

Mr Yule

 Head of Year 5

Year 5 School day

Year 5 School day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.30 - 08.45


DNA: Spellings/vocab Day1


DNA: Spellings /arithmetic 


DNA: Spellings /arithmetic


DNA: Spellings /arithmetic


DNA: Spellings /arithmetic

08.50 - 09.50 PPA Maths Maths Maths Maths
09.50 - 10.50 Writing Writing Writing Writing
10.55 - 11.10 Break
11.15 - 12.15 PPA until 12pm


12.00 - 12.30: French

12.30 - 12.55: Music

Reading 11.25 - 12.25: Reading Reading Reading
12.15 - 12.55 PD 12.30: Assembly  Maths meeting Maths meeting
12.55 - 13.45 Lunch
13.50 - 14.00 Registration/silent reading
14.00 - 14.15  Maths meeting (one slide) Reading buddies/partner reading Maths meeting Handwriting Spelling test
14.15 - 15.00 Writing History History Science RE


Curriculum Information

Knowledge Organisers

Year 5 Homework Expectations

Day Homework Set Task Day Homework returned
Friday  LITERACY: homework will be set either via Seesaw/Myon.co.uk or via paper copy. 

Children to read 10-15mins of home reader/chapter books per day and recorded in Reading Record 


MATHS:   homework on paper/ SATS Companion.  Children to use online resources as directed to consolidate learning  

Monday - Thursday LITERACY: Home reader/Chapter book to be read for 10 minutes. Comment added to reading log. 


MATHS: Numbots/Mathletics/SATS Companion/TTRockstars to be used as directed by class teachers 

Home reading records will be checked each Monday/Tuesday 


Friday – engagement reviewed vie weekly times table/arithmetic test 

NB. Additional /supplementary homework may be supplied by class teachers to support individual learning. Return date will be informed by class teacher 


Literacy & Numeracy/Whole curriculum Useful websites


Literacy Useful websites