Meet the team!

Head of Year's Welcome:

Although it is a challenging time for us all, we have already seen that our amazing Year 6 students are more than capable of overcoming any difficulties they may face in their final year at primary school.   As teachers, we are so happy to have the children back in school, learning, growing and sharing together and we are excited to help them progress in their learning in readiness for moving on to secondary.  

While much of our focus this year will be on the developing the key skills of reading, writing and maths, we are also eager to ensure the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum and so are equally excited about the non-core subjects that we are studying this year.  The children have already displayed great enthusiasm for our World War II topic and are now fascinated with learning about the experiences of Jewish people during this period.  In science, the students are enjoying their study of “light” and we are sure they will be equally keen to learn more about living things and evolution which we will study later in the year.  

This year, the children will have access to even more online learning resources to aid their learning.  Seesaw and SATs Companion will provide excellent opportunities for children to develop their skills at home and we would appreciate any support parents can give them with accessing both resources.  Reading for pleasure at home is also vital for our children in developing not just their reading skills but in developing their vocabulary, creativity and writing.  As such, we would appreciate the support of parents in ensuring children are reading at home as much as possible. 


There will be a lot of hard work this year, and we will undoubtedly face challenges along the way, but we are fully confident that with the support of teachers and parents our children will be extremely successful in Year 6.

Mr Yule

Head of Year and 6 Tolkien Class Teacher

Class Teachers:

 Mrs Nayyar - 6 Cadbury   Mrs Lavin - 6 Cadbury  Miss Whistler - 6 Zephaniah

 Mr Mitting - 6 Watt   Miss Iqbal - 6 Simmonds   Mrs Key - Interventions

Support Staff:

 Miss Campbell      Mrs Ahmed


At Ark Victoria Academy, we know how important it is for home and school to work together to ensure that all children fulfil their potential. We encourage regular communication between parents and staff through informal updates, parents’ evenings and homework sent home to support the curriculum delivered in school. One of the ways you as a parent can support your child is by helping them to practise the things they are learning at school.

Homework Expectations

Daily reading

Weekly spellings

Weekly tasks on SeeSaw

Half-termly topic projects

Useful Documents