Head of Year Welcome

Welcome to Year 8 at Ark Victoria Academy. Many of our students will have settled into Secondary life by the time they join Year 8. It is an important year in your KS3 journey as students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding across the curriculum and explore new topics.  

All students will have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities ranging from school council, sports teams, performing in or producing the school play and much more.  

Year 8 also provides students with the opportunity to lead by example and support the younger students during everyday activities and at whole school events. We will continue to broaden your understanding of your community and the wider world with tailored Personal Development sessions for the year group and your form tutors and I are on hand every day to meet your welfare needs or concerns.  

I look forward to supporting this year and preparing you for the next phase of your educational journey.

Head of Year 8

Year 8 Induction booklet

Curriculum Information

All pupils leave Ark Victoria with broad and diverse academic knowledge and skills. Our curriculum enables pupils to make connections across themes and concepts, within and across subject disciplines, building their vocabulary and understanding. It also develops pupils' ambition and independence, as well as fostering resilience and kindness. This leads to our pupils becoming respectful, curious citizens with a strong moral purpose.

Please click below for an overview of the Year 8 Curriculum: