The teachers are really excited to have all the pupils back in school from September. Hopefully, you were able to access the MS Teams ‘meet the teacher session’ and know who your teacher will be next year, but if not, please don’t worry. Your new teacher has written you a letter which you should receive from Monday 13th July to introduce themselves and give you some information about the exciting things they have planned for you next year.

If you can’t wait to find out and are eager to know now, you can find your new class and teacher in this table.

Before September, you will receive all the information you need about when your year group will return to school, where the new classroom will be and start/finish times.


Reminder that when we come back into school in September we will no longer be able to accept cash to pay for school meals or snacks.

Primary School Day

Primary School day September 2020.pdf

Letters to Parents

Current Reception parents.pdf

Current Year 1 parents.pdf

Current Year 2 parents.pdf

Current Year 3 parents.pdf

Current Year 4 parents.pdf

Current Year 5 parents.pdf

Transition into your new year group

Reception Transition to Year 1.pdf

Year 2 Transition to Year 3.pdf

Year 3 Transition to Year 4.pdf