At Ark Victoria Academy, we are passionate about providing children with enriching, engaging and memorable experiences to support and expand their learning. We have carefully selected a range of trips, visitors, workshops, hook days and after-school clubs that complement our curriculum and provide children with new opportunities.


Educational Visits

Over the course of the year, we take our pupils on off-site educational visits.  These visits support children’s learning in the classroom and seek to contextualise knowledge.  Children at Ark Victoria will discover gems in our local area, as well as travelling to interesting new regions of the United Kingdom.  We value the development of our children’s cultural capital so all children are encouraged and supported to take advantage of our exciting visits!


The Arts

We are proud to offer our pupils opportunities to engage in the Arts.

Throughout the year, our pupils discover their inner performer in a range of concerts and performances.  In Autumn term, Year 1 will perform a fabulously festive nativity and Year 3 will dazzle us with a winter concert!  In Summer term, Year 2 will say farewell to Key Stage One with a tear-jerking concert with all of their favourite songs and Year 6 will celebrate the end of their SATs tests with another amazing production!  Last year, we were blown away by their performances in “The Pirates of the Curry Bean” so we can’t wait for parents to see this year’s play.

We also had a very exciting visit from the Dreamtime Shows to perform a pantomime for Reception – Year 4 on Tuesday 10th December 2019


Hook Days

To further immerse our pupils into their curriculum studies, we host “hook days”, in which pupils have the opportunity to spend a day engaging in creative activities, applying their knowledge and skills from lessons.


Upcoming workshops:




Visitors and Workshops

As part of our curriculum studies, we invite visitors, authors and even animals to Ark Victoria to share their knowledge with our children.  We are always looking for interesting visitors so if you are interested in leading an assembly or workshop, please contact

After-school Clubs

As well as a range of engaging after-school clubs run by our teaching and pastoral staff, we work closely with external agencies such as the England Cricket Board to provide unique enrichment opportunities.


Pupils in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to go to Kingswood for three days in the summer. This is an exciting opportunity for the children to take part in a wide variety of activities that improve confidence, develop new skills and create wonderful memories. The activities include challenges such as orienteering, abseiling, climbing, zip wire and team games.