At Ark Victoria the aim of our curriculum is to provide pupils with a coherent, content-rich and cumulative education that will develop their cultural literacy and ensure excellent academic achievement.

Over the next year we will be working to ensure our curriculum has been designed backwards from A-Level study all the way through to the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure pupils are equipped with the necessary knowledge, vocabulary, skills and understanding to thrive in society. 

At present the curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2) is thematic and is designed around high-quality texts, which provides cross-curricular links in order to deepen pupils’ understanding and spark their curiosity.

All pupils are taught the full-breadth of the National Curriculum by their class teacher (English, Mathematics, Science, Design & Technology, Music, History, Geography, Personal, Social & Health Education, Religious Education and French in KS2) and receive subject-specialist teaching in Physical Education and Art).

In Key Stage 3, the National Curriculum is followed to ensure that pupils are immersed in the full range of subjects (Maths, English, Science, French, Geography, History, RE, Computer Science, DT, Art, Music, Drama, PE and PSHE & Citizenship).  

Pupils in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to develop their understanding of a range of subjects; studying core subjects (Maths, English and Science), and core PE, and studying their optional subjects. This mixture of subjects has been carefully selected with the individual in mind, to achieve attainment and progress for all pupils.

Subject overviews Primary 2021.pdf

At Ark Victoria Academy we believe that your child’s learning needs will first and best be met through the high quality teaching delivered by mainstream teachers. We provide all teachers with information about the learning needs of individual pupils with special educational needs or disabilities, along with strategies they might use to ensure that these pupils can access the learning and are fully included in every lesson. Subject teachers will adapt lesson planning and teaching in accordance with this information to match your child’s special educational needs and/or disability. Where necessary, teachers will break down lesson content into smaller chunks and use lots of repetition and different teaching approaches to ensure that new concepts are learnt and retained in memory. In a small number of cases, it might be appropriate to provide additional, small-group interventions in addition to the mainstream curriculum. These include, for example, targeted literacy programmes such as the Rapid Reading Programme, 1:1 phonics, Toe by Toe and Reading and Thinking. Specialist advice is sought for pupils who make little or no progress in spite of differentiated and targeted work as outlined above. For pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan we follow the advice and strategies described in these documents. When necessary, accessibility aids and technology may be used to support your child’s learning, for example we provide laptops for pupils who are unable to write due to physical disabilities or those with illegible handwriting.

Please read our Primary subject overview here:  Subject overviews Primary SEPT 2021.pdf

Please read our Primary Curriculum Newsletters here: 

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter.pdf

Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter.pdf

Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter.pdf

Primary RSE Curriculum

Please click here to see details of the primary RSE curriculum at Ark Victoria Academy: Primary RSE Curriculum.pdf

Primary Extra Curricular

  • 6 sports clubs a week spanning across Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Activities TBD.
  • Sporting fixtures throughout the year, starting with friendly football fixtures against Ark Kings in the near future.
  • Annual Sports Days will run as normal in Summer 2 term.
  • Year 3 swimming lessons will be starting again this year, with the pool location and days etc to still be arranged.
  • Lunch time football tournaments on the Oldknow playground football pitch.
  • Intra-academy Sports activities are run by Aspire sports coaches during lunchtimes.


For more information about our curriculum at Ark Victoria, please contact to arrange a meeting with our Curriculum Leads:

Primary School

Mr F Mitting

Assistant Headteacher