Please read our latest letter to Secondary parents regarding Tik-Tok here:  Letter to Secondary parents regarding use of Tik Tok social media 8.12.21.pdf

The internet has become a very important part of our pupil's lives. They are able to access the internet easily through a variety of sources. With this in mind, internet safety and knowing how to help protect children and young people online is essential. Please click on the attached links to learn more about e-safety.

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NSPCC - Lets keep kids safe online

At the academy, we teach the children the SMART rules of Internet safety. Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable and Tell. Posters are displayed throughout the academy about the SMART rules and pupils are also shown. There are some very useful resources on the Kidsmart website. These include helpful videos, downloadable leaflets and posters and a wealth of advice for parents and children on how to keep themselves safe online. Please note that, although we have a Facebook website page, we specifically tell our pupils not to 'like' or post any comments to it as this makes them potentially identifiable to online predators (officially the minimum age to have a Facebook account is 13!).


At the academy we take e-safety very seriously. We restrict access to unsuitable websites through selective filtering and carefully monitoring all use of our computers. Anything that we feel may be of concern is investigated further.