At Ark Victoria we strive to ensure all pupils have their learning, wellbeing and safeguarding needs met, so that they can successfully learn and thrive in school and are able to achieve their life goals. We are committed to providing every pupil with the individual support they need to make exceptional progress and fulfil their potential. Our curriculum is inclusive to meet the needs of all pupils without narrowing their experiences and opportunities.

At our Academy we understand that applying to a new school is a big undertaking, and can feel especially daunting if your child has a special educational need or disability (SEND).

As Ark Victoria's SEND Coordinators, we will work closely with you, your child, and our school staff to create a learning environment where your child can make exceptional progress and fulfil their potential. As an inclusive school we provide an education which:

  • has high expectations of every pupil, including those with SEND
  • is broad and balanced with full access to the National Curriculum
  • provides all reasonable adjustments necessary for every student to feel comfortable and supported in their daily school life
  • provides careful assessment and close monitoring of each individual's progress
  • recognises and celebrates achievement in all its forms
  • enables every student to become a full, independent and positive member of the community

We know that students may need different or additional support at specific times during their time in our school to be successful. Our school SENCOs works closely with all teachers and support staff to identify needs early and assess which interventions or specialist support is required. We monitor progress following the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ model to ensure support is appropriately pitched, targeted and personalised. This approach provides a continuous cycle of assessment as children's strengths and needs develop and change. Our teachers aim to support all learners to ensure that they access the curriculum and maximise their potential. We formatively assess through every interaction. This perspective, alongside the learner themselves and their families, is central to being able to work successfully with us as the SENCOs and other specialists.

Children with additional needs will have Individual Learning Plans with personalised targets. Class teachers will provide regular opportunities for children to make progress towards these targets, whilst accessing the same curriculum as their peers. 

Ark Victoria Academy’s SEND offer: 

  • High Quality First Teaching  
  • Curriculum Adaptations 
  • Adapted teaching strategies  
  • Robust identification process 
  • Targeted interventions for all needs 
  • Specialised bespoke training  
  • Specialised Mental Health mentoring  
  • School Counsellor 
  • External agency communication 
  • Referrals to internal and external agencies 
  • Strong relationships with Educational psychology, Communication and Autism Team and Pupil School Support.  
  • English as an Additional Language offer (identification and interventions) 

Whilst our curriculum has high aspirations for all pupils, teachers know to adapt resources and outcomes for the ability of individual students. As such, pupils with additional needs will receive the same high-quality teaching input from their class teacher, whilst perhaps working on different targets to their peers – for example the end result of a task may take a different form.

We know that support must be holistic and focus upon the whole child. This means that alongside academic intervention and support, we also focus upon social and emotional skills (particularly emotional regulation), growth mindset and self-esteem, life skills (such as self-organisation and time management) and well-being (physical and mental) through working closely with the pastoral team. We aim to model reflective practice which is not simply reactive but pro-active to anticipate and plan for support ahead of challenges to come.

Meet our team

Ms Ayling - Secondary Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO/DDSL/Mental Health/Diversity & Inclusion All Through

Miss Green - Primary Deputy Headteacher/Inclusion/Primary SENDCO

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Birmingham’s SEND Local Offer