Geography: Revision (Spring 2)

Students will be completing their mock exams in this half term. Upon completion of mock exams, teachers will use lesson time to re-teach knowledge and skills which they have identified as gaps from their mock exams. Towards the end of the half term, students will begin to work though the pre-release booklet for Paper 3.

How parents can get involved:

  • Encourage your child to complete their weekly revision plan
  • Test your child on key words in their revision guide.

Geography: Revision (Spring 1)

Due to changes in examinations because of Covid, Paper 2: Section B no longer needs to be taught. This means that students will be revising key knowledge gaps identified in the November mocks throughout Spring 1.

The following plan has been shared with students:
Week 1: Natural Hazards
Week 2: Urban World
Week 3: The Living World
Week 4: Resource Management
Week 5: The UK Landscape

Geography: Revision (Autumn 2)

All content for the Geography GCSE has now been taught, and so in Autumn 2 our students will be revising identified knowledge and skills gaps identified in their November mock series.

Geography: River Landscapes and Economic World (Autumn 1)

Pupils will initially complete their unit of work on River Landscapes in the UK, by undertaking a study into how hard and soft engineering can be used to reduce the impacts of flooding in the River Tees basin.

Once pupils have completed this unit of work, they will begin to learn about the changing economic world through studying two contrasting case studies (the UK and Nigeria). They will investigate how a change in employment structure can influence the economic make up of a country, as well as how a range of strategies can be implemented to reduce widescale regional differences.