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Home Learning

At Ark Victoria Academy, we know how important it is for home and school to work together to ensure that all children fulfil their potential. We encourage regular communication between parents and staff through informal updates, parents’ evenings and homework sent home to support the curriculum delivered in school.  One of the ways you as a parent can support your child is by helping them to practise at home the things they are learning at school.

Year Group

Homework Expectations

Year 3 & 4

Daily reading

Weekly spellings

Weekly times tables practice

Weekly tasks to support classroom learning

Half-termly topic projects

Daily Reading (all pupils)

Please read for just 15 minutes per day with your child. This can be them reading to you or you reading to them. Your child will be provided with a school reading book, but we encourage our children to read whatever book or text they are most interested in!  When listening to your child read, ask them questions about what they are reading.

To support you when reading with your child, here are some example questions: Year 3 Parent Questions.pdf

Weekly Spellings (Years 1-6)

Your child will be receiving ten spellings to practise at home each week. Spellings will be given to pupils on a Monday (or the Friday prior) where they will be taught the spelling pattern or focus for the week. They will have the week to practise them before being tested on the Friday. Pupils will have some opportunities in school to practise their spellings, however, it is essential that children practise at home, even for just 5-10 minutes a day.

Spelling is an important skill as children who feel confident with letters and word patterns are able to read and comprehend more complex texts. They also have the necessary language tools to better convey their own ideas through both written and verbal communication. All of these skills are the foundations to allowing your child to access the wider, enriching curriculum that we offer here at Ark Victoria.

In case your child misplaces their weekly spelling list, here are the spellings for the year: AVA Weekly Spelling Lists for Pupils - All Year Groups.pdf   AVA Year 3 Spelling Workbooks.pdf

Weekly Times Tables Practice (Years 2-6)

Please help your child to commit their times tables to memory. This can be by regularly asking them for times tables facts (e.g. “What’s 4 x 6?”) as well as associated division facts (e.g. “How many 6s are in 24?”)

We provide subscriptions for all children to a website called Times Tables Rockstar.  This is an online platform that allows children to practise their times tables as speedily as they can in a fun and safe environment! They will be able to engage in times tables battles and monitor their progress over time.

Weekly Tasks

Based on the content being studied in class, teachers may decide to send home some worksheets to encourage independent practice.

Half-termly Topic Projects (all pupils)

At the start of each half term, you will receive a curriculum newsletter about what your child is learning in their History and Geography topics. With this newsletter, your child’s class teacher will provide some ideas for written and creative projects that can be done at home. These are optional projects to further broaden your child’s learning in these subjects. Children can complete and return these projects at any time during the half term and will be celebrated in assembly!


Recommended resources:


Websites that all children have login information for*: - Children complete comprehensions that are matched to their reading age and progress to harder tasks as they improve their reading skills!

Free websites to support children’s understanding of Phonics sounds:

Free websites to support children’s Reading: - Thousands of free ebooks! - Free copy of a child-friendly newspaper. - Free extracts of new books, which help children find books they are interested in reading. - Free ebooks.

Understanding RWI:

Ark Victoria Academy uses an approach known as Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach reading and writing. We encourage parents to use the online video tutorial below to better understand what Read Write Inc. is and how you can help support your child's reading and writing at home.

Pronouncing Pure Sounds:

You can practise phonics sounds with your child by using the 'pure sounds' phonics pronunciation online video tutorial below.



Websites that all children have login information for*: - A website full of games and activities to support children’s spelling skills.  Remember to practise the common exception words/spelling words for your year group! – Our handwriting scheme, which has transformed the handwriting of children (and teachers!).  Keep practising the joins and your book will be a beautiful palace.

Free websites to support Writing: - Learner guides to support with Grammar subject knowledge - An image is uploaded every day to spark children’s imagination and encourage them to write.  Take 15 minutes to look at the pictures, answer the questions and write like an author! - Interesting videos and writing ideas organised into useful categories – even the most reluctant writer will find something they like!



Websites that all children have login information for*: - Children complete comprehensions that are matched to their reading age and progress to harder tasks as they improve their reading skills! - Using the same login as Times Table Rockstars, children can log on to Numbots to practise basic number skills.  When logging on, please type “Ark Victoria” in the school name box. - Using the same login as Numbots, children can log on to TTRS to practise their times tables, playing against their friends to earn points!

Free websites to support children’s understanding of Early Maths:

Free websites to support children’s Maths: - Daily arithmetic practice, with answers, for children to practise what they have learned in their Maths Meetings. – Challenging tasks to make confident mathematicians think!



To support your child in non-core subjects, please visit the curriculum page for their year group.  Knowledge Organisers outline the core knowledge we expect all children to know and remember by the end of a given unit.  In order for children to commit new knowledge to their long-term memory, they need to take regular quizzes and recall what they have already learned.  Here are some website to support your child when completing half-termly projects or independent research:



Science: - Lots of science subject areas covered with resources specifically designed for primary age children. (Other subjects are also available on this site). - Lots of different and fun science activities you can do in the house or garden

Computing: - online programme for teaching and developing touch typing


P.E: - Joe Wicks has recorded various 5 minute fitness activities aimed at primary school children - some videos are free – dances, workouts, fitness challenges  - lots of online videos that help keep children active inside and also teach mindfulness and meditation – Space yoga – Just Dance



In the event of school closure:

Year 3 Pack 1.pdf


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