Start of Term

Year 7

Year 7 – Induction day, Monday 6th September 2021 08:10am - 15:10pm

Normal school days will start from Tuesday 7th September 2021. 

Please read the following parent guide for new Secondary School Students: AVA INDUCTION BOOKLET - Parents 2021.pdf

Secondary School Day

Overview of School Day.pdf

Parent Pay information

All items from Ark Victoria must be paid for using Parentpay, please visit the School reception for support setting up your Parentpay account

School Equipment 

Students must continue to bring in their own equipment to school: 

  •  School bag  
  • Pencil case 
  • 2 pencils 
  • 2 black handwriting pens 
  • 2 green biro pens 
  • 1 30cm ruler 
  • 1 rubber 
  • 1 highlighter 
  • 1 glue stick 
  • Maths equipment (scientific calculator Casio fx-85 gtx, 180° protractor, compass, set square) 
  • Reading book 

Please ensure that students bring this equipment on their first day, and have spare items if their equipment runs out. 

Secondary Transition Subjects

Get ready for Maths Transition.pdf

Get ready for Science Transition.pdf

Get ready for English Transition.pdf

Get ready for Religious Education Transition.pdf

Get ready for History Transition.pdf

Get ready for Geography Transition.pdf

Get ready for French Transition.pdf

Get ready for Computer Science Transition.pdf

Get ready for PE Transition.pdf

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