Admissions Policy

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Nursery Offer

We have 104 Part-Time places at our Nursery.

The children are divided into small groups with their own key practitioner.

Children are admitted into the Nursery Class at age 3+, usually for the academic year prior to starting at school in Reception at age 4+.  If nursery places become available throughout the year, children will be admitted after they are 3. A list of all those wishing to be considered for a Nursery place is kept with the admissions officer in the Admissions Office. An application form can be obtained from the school reception staff at the Talbot Way entrance and proof of your child’s date of birth, and place of residence must be shown on registration.

A place in our Nursery does not mean you will be allocated a place in Reception – all parents have to apply for a Reception place following the Local Authority procedure.

We will be offering 15 and 30 hour places in the Nursery from September. 30 hour places are for children who are eligible, to check if your child is elegible please use the following link:

To apply for a place at Ark Victoria Academy please fill in the following document and return it to the School reception: Application Form SEPT 2021.pdf

Ark Victoria Appeals Timetable

Appeals for children refused admission at a preferred school for entry into Reception, Year 7 or Yr 12 in September 2022 will be heard according to the regulations in the School Admission Appeals Code (2012).  

Appeal panel hearings will take place within 40 school days of the deadline date for submitting an appeal. 

The independent appeal panel clerk will notify parents/carers of the date of their appeal; appeal hearings will take place during May/June/July 2022.

If you wish to appeal for a place in Reception, Year 7 or Year 12, please click here for the appeal form 
Before submitting a Primary appeal, please make sure you read this guidance about infant class size appeals.

Please contact the academy if you need a paper form.


Primary Admissions Timetable and Process

Stage of process Date
Application period starts - Primary 1 October 2021
Closing date for applications 15 January 2022
National Offer Day - Primary 19 April 2022
Deadline for submitting appeals - Primary 18 May 2022
Appeal hearings for appeals submitted on time - Primary 20 July 2022
Round closes (applications need to be made using In-Year application directly to the school). 31 July 2022
Term starts September 2022


Secondary Admissions Timetable and Process

Stage of process Date
Application period starts - Primary 1 September 2021
Grammar School test 11 September 2021
Results of Grammar School test Prior to 31 October 2021
Closing date for applications 31 October 2021
National Offer Day - Secondary 1 March 2022
Deadline for submitting appeals - Secondary 31 March 2022
Appeal hearings for appeals submitted on time - Secondary May & June 2022
Induction day at Secondary School 6 July 2022
Term starts 5 September 2022


Ark Victoria Reception places - September 2022

The closing date for applications to start Primary schools in September 2021 is 15th January 2022.

Children in Birmingham can start school (Reception) in the September after their 4th birthday.

Example: If your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018, they'll be able to start school in September 2022. 

When to apply

Parents can apply for a place in the Autumn of the year before their child turns 4 years of age. It is important that you apply for a place as soon as possible:

• Attendance at a nursery class does not give a child automatic priority for a place

• Do not wait until your child is five years old, or your preferred school may already be full

The closing date for applications for Reception Class 2022 is 15th January 2022.

How to Apply

Apply on-line via the Birmingham City Council website. Please note it is really important that you apply on time. If you apply late you may be less likely to get a place at one of your preferred schools.

If you need help applying for a place at Ark Victoria Academy please contact the school on 0121 393 4459 or call in to main reception at either building.

Waiting list distance checker

For waiting list distance calculations Ark Victoria Academy uses the distance checker below. Distance as land transport is used and meters